I’ve been involved in teaching ever since I was in elementary school. I believe my first role as a teacher was when I presented Euler’s to the class of 8th graders as a 7th grader. I don’t know if anybody understood anything from that one hour presentation, but I believe it seeded my passion for teaching.

High school

I was heavily involved in 1-on-1 tutoring sessions during high school. I held both paid and volunteer based tutoring sessions.

As an undergrad

While continuing my involvement as a private tutor at the University of Toronto, I also lead many of the organized extra help sessions for 1st and 2nd year students (freshmen and sophomores) in the Engineering Science program. These sessions were originally envisioned to attract 5 to 10 students for a short 30 minute to 1 hour help session. Unexpectedly to me, as the exams approached, the group of students that attended these sessions was often closer to 40 in size and force me to thoroughly plan out my help sessions to ensure that students were able to benefit from their time there. Through my 3 years as an upperclassman, I held help sessions for many of the introductory courses:

Through private tutoring sessions, I believe I was able to cover most of the other courses ranging including Calculus, Linear Algebra, and even Special Relativity.

As a graduate student (today)

As a graduate student at Caltech, I was given the opportunity to become a teaching assistant for a multitude of classes. For now, I’ll leave it at that and create stubs for the rest of my website.